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CPU @ - Brief History
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Brief history
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Actually CPU@ is committed in the organization and promotion of the Stati Generali dell'Ulivo in rete (Convention of the Olive Tree Netizens).

The idea
The idea for CPU@ started during the Italian electoral campaign of 1996 on a mailing list called Pro-Prodi. One of the driving forces has been Prodi himself, whom in a letter to electoral commitees requested the activists to develop "materials" that would help him to receive continuos popular feedback on his activity that would help him to govern better.

The objective was and already is to promote people's understanding and participation in government activities reinforcing Olive tree ideals and programs. This feedback can guarantee the breathing of new life in the political process.
This has been put into practice by two messages in the ML; one concerning nature and pourposes, the other giving an organizational base for the real activities.

In october '96 the first 18 members were registered, each with his own e-mail address to form the ML assembly. This step marked the formal birth of CPU@.

CPU@ was officially founded on 11 January 1997.


The name
The acronym CPU stands for Telematic Committee for Olive Tree Coalition (L'Ulivo) and @ was choosen to give a cyber-like flavour to our name. On January 14, '97 an agreement was reached between CPU@, the telematic association Cittą Invisibile and the National Coordination Office of the Olive tree Movement.

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